3 simple ways how to win at roulette


If you are an avid player of casino games, you may occasionally like to try out different games. But that means playing games you are not experienced in. For example, you may want to play roulette but you don’t want to lose trying. Read along because we teach you 3 simple ways how to win at roulette.

Quick Rules to Win at Roulette

Remember that numbers don’t have memory. A repeating of a number is as likely as any other number on the wheel. Occasionally, you will see instances of numbers repeating three times in a row, twice with a single gap, twice with a two-roll gap, etc. Point is – you will see it all, get used to it.

Never play with more than you can afford to lose. Casino always has a slight edge and that is not changing anytime soon. Betting systems only allow you to optimize your play to gain the max but there are still no guarantees.

And while we are talking about systems, here are three ways you can win at roulette.

1. Play Only European Roulette

roulette american vs european

The main difference between two most popular types of roulette, American and European is that on the American version there is a 0 and 00. Which doubles the house edge from 2.7% on European to 5.26 on American roulette.

The only exception here is American Roulette with Surrender. Which cuts back the house’s edge as in instances of 0 and 00 you get to keep half of your stake.

2. Search for ‘En prison’ on European Roulette

En prison, meaning in prison, is the European equivalent of the Surrender on an American Roulette in a sense that from 2.7% the house edge is minimized to 1.35%. The difference is that when roulette hits 0, you don’t get to keep half of your money. Instead, all your outside, even-money bets stand for another round.

If the 0 hits again, it happens again. If not, your result plays as it normally would – you keep what you win.

3. Don’t make rushed decisions

Lastly, when you play, take your time. You don’t have to make every single round of betting. For an inexperienced player roulette may appear as a very fast-paced game, but don’t be intimidated. You came to play roulette for your pleasure – make sure you focus on don’t miss out. And for the best experience I suggest to try the live dealer roulette game.