5 tricks for you: how to win at craps

craps strategy

Craps is a superb game on so many levels. It’s about the electric atmosphere surrounding the table. So, if you hate sitting alone at the table, this is a game for you. Plus, craps has seemingly endless possibilities to bet. You will never be bored at the craps table.

Not to mention that from the value perspective, craps offer some of the best odds among the casino games.

1. Learn the rules

This may sound obvious but there are many players that are looking for a done-for-you system which works blindly. Nothing works blindly, especially at a casino.

You must learn how Pass and Don’t Pass bets work. For example, don’t pass is on the Casino side, while the player’s edge is on the best behind the Don’t Pass bet. These are called free odds bets.

2. Play Six-to-Win

This actually works on two occasions, six-to-win and eight-to-win as there are 5 ways the numbers can be rolled in any round. Here the house’s edge is a mere 1,52%, so if you place a bet if $6 (or $12 as this bet requires you to bet in $ increments), you will collect $7.

3. Six-to-Lose

This may sound counterintuitive, at least based on our last tip. But it’s not. You see, most frequent number to fall on the craps table is 7 (there are six ways for that to happen). So, this alone means that 7 is more likely to come than 6 or 8. Plus, here house edge is only 1.82%.

4. Odds Bet

What is better than a 1.82% odd for the house to win? Perhaps 0%? That’s what the odds bet offers. Why would the casino do that? Well, you can make this bet after either a Don’t come, Come Don’t Pass or Pass bet has hit on a number. So, while you can’t make it every time, an Odds bet is your free ticket to extra winnings with no risk.

5.Come and Pass

Lastly, we come to the best bets in craps. Come and Pass bets offer you the best odds as the house only has a 1,41% edge. Betting on these is a no-brainer.