Easy guide on how to win at baccarat


Baccarat is an interesting game with a mist of mystery surrounding it. New players don’t know how to win at Baccarat because they have never played it before. This is partly because the baccarat table is never in the center of the casino. Most players only get to catch glimpses of players at baccarat tables somewhere in a far corner of the casino.

Another reason is that it’s known to be often targeted by cheaters. Not by low-type cheaters but by millionaires who seem to find different ways to scam the casino right in their faces. Check out the Phil Ivey baccarat story, if you haven’t heard it before.

In any case, you can win at Baccarat and here is how.



No matter how dull it sounds, open up a free to play table at a casino and give it a try. You will soon see that there is nothing intimidating about this game. On the contrary, it can be quite fun.

If you already have played baccarat, you will know these things about the game:

  • There are three types of bets: Banker, Player, Tie
  • Best odds for you are the banker bet which offers a low 1.17% edge for the casino.
  • Then goes the player bet offering 1.35% edge for the casino
  • And then there is a tie bet at a staggering 14.12 % house edge.

The first rule to win at baccarat is never bet on the Tie. At 8 to 1 odds, it may seem tempting but it’s like insurance on Blackjack, you will never make your money back on those bets.

Now you are left with player bets and the banker bets, which odds-wise are among the best in any casino game. When to bet on one or the other?

In Baccarat, 10s through face cards count as zeros. So, the biggest value card you can get is 9. Like in Blackjack, the banker gets to go last, so most of the time you should lean towards the banker.

But as you play more, you will learn about side bets and various betting systems. The key here is not stop at a banker bet. Improve your understand of the game, try out different systems, maybe even come up with your own. This way the game remains exciting and you discover different ways to win for different situations you find yourself in.